Many UC Santa Cruz alumni, staff, faculty and community members have chosen to include the university in their estate plans. Their foresight ensures that UC Santa Cruz continues its mission to educate, to enlighten, and to serve. These individuals are recognized through membership in the 21st Century Club, a giving circle for forward-thinking donors. Members enjoy an annual luncheon hosted by the Chancellor.

If you share that you've included the university in your plans, but do not wish to be publicly recognized, we will acknowledge your gift privately. If you have included UC Santa Cruz in your estate, please let us know and complete our Planned Gift Intention Form. Knowing about your gift strengthens the University's ability to plan for the future and ensures your gift can be fulfilled when the time comes. Please contact us for assistance. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Honor Roll

UC Santa Cruz would like to thank the following individuals who have chosen to include the university in their estate plans, from 1965 to the present. Those who have passed away are marked with an asterisk. This list is updated in July each year. If we have overlooked you, please call (831) 459-1045.
Anonymous (49)
Kenneth and Gabrielle Adelman
David W. Allen
Linda and William Anderson
C. Frederick Andrews*
Gloria Anzaldua*
Raquel Arias
Dolly Arond
Rolf Augustine
Morely and Frances Baer*
Adilah Barnes
Marietta Louise and Stephen Bartoletti
Jack Baskin* and Dr. Peggy Downes Baskin
Richard and Kathy Beal
Letitia Bennett
William F. Berk*
Martin Birnbach
Chip and Mary Bissell
Ruth Bittman*
Gary S. Blair
Donna Blakemore
Kenneth Bloome*
Clarissa L. Blount*
Elspeth Bobbs*
Marnie Bodek and Edwin Moss
Susan L. Bok
Margaret Ingalls Bodfish*
Rita and Thomas Bottoms
Barry J. and Emma Jean Bowman
Walter Boyes
Betsy Buchalter Adler
Joseph F. and Sara A. Bunnett*
Wayne and Judy Burger
Linda Burman-Hall
Anne L. Burnham
David Campbell
Virginia C. Campbell*
George Harlan Campion*
Anne Jane "Fanny" Carruthers*
Kathryn Castelli*
John T. Chapin*
Donald and Emily Clark*
Elizabeth Clifton
Hal Coates and Jerry Wolfe
Ray T. Collett, Jr.*
Philip Collins*
Joan H. Cook*
Ellen Brown Cooper
Barbara and John Crary
Gordon Crary
Faye Crosby
Caitlin Croughan
Ethel H. Curtis*
Aleck and Nancy Darr
Adam Davidow
James and Jean Davidson*
Jerrold Davis*
Pamela Davis
Harriet* and John Deck*
Patricia* and George Deppe*
Bill Dickinson
Helen* and Sanford Diller
Sharon Dirnberger
Dr. Rodney E. Donaldson*
William Blondell Donovan
Mary Doyle and David Greenwood
T.J. Dran*
James W. Draznin
Emily and Lee Duffus
Dave Dumble
James Duncan
Chris J.* and Yolanda Dybdahl
Allan Dyson and Susan Cooper
Annette Earling and David Deifer
Dorothy Nadine Emigh*
Elaine Enarson and Carl W. Hering
Kaj Enderlein
Mark Engel
Annette Earling and David Deifer
Audrey Ellis
William Everson*
Garold L. Faber*
Karen M. Fant*
Charles Griffin Farr*
J. Max Farrar
Stanley Farwig*
Kenneth and Moira Feingold
Richard Fenno and Jan Gillispie
Robert and Bette Finnegan
Colin E. Fletcher*
Renee Flower and Jim MacKenzie
Barbara Heald Franger*
Laurent B. Frantz*
Florence J. French*
Perry F. French*
John Gamman
Ann Gibb
Lee* and Dan* Gilbert
Ted Goldstein and Jessica Bernhardt
Allan and Nan Goodman
Roberta G. Gordon
Jon C. Graff, Ph.D.
William Grant
Dudley Green*
Lottie Manley Green*
Tom Griggs
Carol Grober*
Isebill Gruhn and Dale Johnson
Christine Guzman Sufrin and Ronald K. Sufrin
Charles and Barbara Haas
Alfred E. Hahn*
Paul J. Hall
John M. Halliday*
John Halverson*
James H. and Barbara J. Hammond*
Rose P. Hand*
Robert Hansen Sr*
Stephanie and Jack Harkness
John Harriman*
Leona Harrington*
Joan Harrington-Trenbeth
Lou Harrison*
Jennifer Hassett
Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein*
George P. Hitchcock* and Marjorie Jane Simon
Trude Hoffacker
George Hofford
Mark Hofstadter and David Zurlin
Rusten Hogness and Donna Haraway
Natalie Hopkins*
Matthew J. Howard
William S. Howe, Jr.*
Geoffrey Huang and Matt Hargett
Kathleen Hughes and Kate McGirr
Hal* and Dottie Hyde
Perky Hyde*
Paul* and Anne Irwin
Ronald and Lanette Irwin*
Susan Benteen and William Hyde Irwin*
Virginia and George Jansen
Tannette Jaloff*
Laurel Jarnagan
LizAnne and Kenneth Jensen
John O. Jordan
Jeanne Kallerup
Thomas Karwin
Fred Keeley
Barbara and Hale Keller
Patricia Bess Kendall*
Lisa Kermish
David Kirk
Jonathan and Tiffany Klein
Richard A. and Diane T. Klein
Stephen Klein
Arnold Klemola*
Gary L. Kliewer
David and Rachel Kliger
Barbara Komas and Gary J. Sloan
Peter Kosenko
Jayne Ann Castle Krentz
Panda Kroll and Kevin Volkan
Larry R. Krumland*
Karen M. Laing
Carolyn Jane Lambert
Peter Lambert
Ambassador L. W. Lane, Jr.*
Marian J. Langdon
Jean H. Langenheim
Erik M. Lauritzen*
Martha M. Lauritzen
Robert Leet-Corday*
Max Levin*
Allison Rubenstein Levy*
Richard Libby
Gary Licker*
Glenn S. Lindsey
Michael and Debra Linick
Valerie Lovett Chanley
Robert Ludwig* and Pamela Swift
Thomas and Roberta Lumb*
Bruce and Linda Lymburn
Catherine S. and Charles J. Maclellan
George Malloch*
Gerry Mandel
Norma Maraschin
Zoe Ann Orr Marcus*
Lorraine Margon
Penelope Matteis
Glenna Matthews
Donna Maurillo
Melanie J. Mayer
Barbara and Charles McFadden
Katherine Jean McHale
Chancellor Emeritus Dean E. and Jane McHenry*
Charles Merrill Jr.*
Kathryn E. Metz*
Robert and Jean Miller
Whitney Miller
John Patrick Mills
Christine Mlot
Allan Moore
Maria Isabel and Michael Morgan
Nancy L. Morgan
Gary Moro
David Morrell and Kirsten Silva Gruesz
Richard and Bettina Moss
Elaine Murakami
Kit Mura-Smith
Florence Nelson and Terence Cuff
Anne Neufeld Levin* and Paul D. Levin
Anna Nickel*
Andrew Orlans
Miller Outcalt*
Christina V. Papp and Kevin S. Sampson
Alan Parker*
Miriam Patchen*
Marion L. Patterson
John* and Vicki Pearse
Rena Perlino*
Linda Peterson
Arlene Toft Pike*
Dan Porter
Dr. Anne Powers
James Price
Siegfried Puknat*
Kevin Rabe*
Jesse Rabinowitz*
Rosemary Raphael*
Patricia A. Raymond*
Patricia and Rowland Rebele
Janet Reed
Rebecca Reis
Sue Reynoldson*
Karen Rhodes and Robert Weiner
Esther L. Rice*
Kristin Richardson
Alan W. Ritch
Stuart* and Eliane Roe
Randal Rogers*
Jennifer Roque
Stephen Rosenthal
Amil Roth*
Elizabeth Rouan
Ilse Rowe*
Joop Rubens and Laura Marcus
Laurie C. Sain
Thomas Savignano
Lisa Schaechter
Michael L. Scharfenstein
Christopher Peter Schlies
Martin Schwirzke
Bonita Sebastian
Carroll Seron
Suzanne C. Sexauer*
H. Boyd Seymour Jr* and Deborah Seymour
Priscilla Shaw*
Jeff Shilling
Patricia Shirk*
Robert Sieker*
Odette Sims*
Jeff and Gail Skala
M. Brewster* and Deborah Smith
Barbara K. Snader*
Paul M. Sommers
Stephanie L. Spar*
Audrey Stanley
Loren Steck and Annette Yee
Fred Stein*
Michael Stern
Fred Stein*
Robert C. Strand*
Kathryn D. Sullivan
Erik and Lesley Svenson
Jerome* and Mary Swalen
Leslie T. Sweeney
Alex and Janet Sydnor
Angus E. Taylor*
Marion Taylor
David Thomas
Bruce Thompson
Mary E. Thush*
Edward Tighe
Jude Todd
Amanda Topper
Elsie W. Triebig*
Heather Trumbower
Anneliese Tucker
Maureen and Richard Turman
Blade Underwood*
Dr. W. J. Shiloh Unruh*
Linda Valdes and Nicholas Bilardello
C. M. van Vlierden*
David Veale
Branwyn and Ken Wagman
Colleen Wagner
Ron Ward
Anthony Warman*
Harry O. Warren*
Donald P. Warto*
Bonnie Webb
Patricia Weenolsen
C. Gordon Wells*
Mary Wells
Doris McNeil Welsh
Jessie Kathryn and Michael Wheatley
Oliver W. Whitby*
Bonda L. and Robert L. White
Jean Wolff
Daniel Wood and Janet Lever-Wood
Constance Wright*
Wilson George Wright III*
Florence R. Wyckoff*
Stephen Wyckoff*
Oi-Cheng Yeung and Aaron Lai
Susan L. Zimmerman