Legacy Circle

UC Santa Cruz began as an experiment in higher education. Since 1965, we have grown and thrived as an engaged, creative, and compassionate community. Our students, faculty, and staff come together with the best elements of creativity, knowledge, and wisdom to transform the way we teach and learn. Thank you for investing in UC Santa Cruz and standing with us as we transform students' lives and innovate with transformative research to better our world.

Many UC Santa Cruz alumni, staff, faculty and community members have chosen to include the university in their wills or other estate plans. Their foresight ensures that UC Santa Cruz continues its mission to educate, to enlighten, and to serve. These individuals are recognized through membership in the UC Santa Cruz Legacy Circle, a special group for forward-thinking donors. Legacy Circle members enjoy unique events, exclusive invitations, and special communications throughout the year.

If you have included UC Santa Cruz in your estate, please let us know and complete our Planned Gift Intention form. Knowing about your gift strengthens the university's ability to plan for the future and ensures your gift can be fulfilled when the time comes. If you share that you've included the university in your plans, but do not wish to be publicly recognized, we will acknowledge your gift privately.