Bequest Language

If you are interested in ensuring that the mission of the University of California, Santa Cruz can live on for generations then consider leaving a bequest to UC Santa Cruz in your will or trust. The language below is broad in nature but we encourage you to contact us so we can suggest specific language to accomplish your philanthropic goals. If you are not sure where to direct your gift, we can provide you with information about UC Santa Cruz scholarships and programs that you may wish to explore and consider.

“I hereby give to the UC Santa Cruz Foundation (TIN: 23-7394590) the sum of $_______; or _______ Percent ( ____%) of my estate; or _______ Percent ( ____%) of my estate residue. This gift shall be used for the benefit of UC Santa Cruz to support its general purposes; or this gift shall be used to support _______________(name of program, department, college, or name of fund).”

“In making this gift it is my intention to serve the Santa Cruz campus of the University of California and its students and I desire that the foregoing statement of purpose be liberally construed so that the above objectives may be fully accomplished. If, at any time in the judgment of the Chancellor of the Santa Cruz campus of the University of California, changed circumstances substantially interfere with the beneficial realization of such purposes, then the funds may be used for such other similar purposes as the Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz in his/her/their discretion determines to be consistent with my interests and intentions.”